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Our campsite is perfectly situated for exploring our capital Tallinn and its numerous sights as well as many other places in the surrounding area.


Tallinn Old Town is the most known attraction of Estonia. It is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And our campsite is just a stone's throw away from it - 20 km to be precise. So it's very convenient to visit this picturesque place from here, especially by train. The train station is only 1 km away from us and in less than 30 minutes you'll find yourself in the heart of Tallinn. 

In addition to the old town, there are numerous other sights to visit in Tallinn.


Estonian Open Air Museum is located on the edge of Tallinn, in a naturally beautiful place by the sea. This museum is showcasing Estonian rural architecture and village life so you get a good overview of how Estonian people of different wealth and occupations have lived throughout the centuries. 

The distance to Estonian Open Air Museum from Vanamõisa is 16 km.


You can find Keila-Joa Castle and waterfall 20 km from our campsite. The castle was built on the banks of Keila river in the 19th century and operates as a hotel and restaurant nowadays. But it also has a museum and exhibition hall and it's possible to explore the building with a professional guide.

Keila-Joa waterfall is located just next to the castle. It is 6 metres high, and tens of metres wide, making it the third largest waterfall in Estonia.


Rummu quarry used to be a mining site with most of its workers from the next door prison. When the prison was closed, the pumps that kept the area dry were also shut down. So the quarry was flooded. As it happened very quickly, large mining excavator, buildings, and other equipment remained underwater. Thanks to clear water this underwater world is very well visible. 


There is also a big ash mountain next to the quarry - another by-product of mining.

Distance to Rummu quarry from our campsite is 26 km.


Just a few kilometers down the road from Rummu quarry is Padise Monastery. It is a former Cistercian monastery dating back to the 14th century. It went through thorough restoration in recent years and is open to visitors. You can tour the monastery as well as participate in hands-on workshops.


MOMU is a motorsport museum located in the former Ellamaa power station, 40 km from Vanamõisa. It is a unique museum in a historic building with a wide variety of racing vehicles from all fields of motorsport. And although there are very rare exhibits at display, you are still allowed to hop on a car or motorcycle to feel like a true racer yourself.


Pakri peninsula is known for its impressive cliffs and highest lighthouse in Estonia. The height of the red stone lighthouse is 52 meters at the foot and 73 meters from sea level. And the best part - it's open to visitors. You can climb the 275 steps to the top and be rewarded with the scenic views of the sea, coast, and surrounding area.  

The distance to Pakri lighthouse from Vanamõisa campsite is 35 km. On the way, you can make a stop in Paldiski - a closed military town during Soviet times.


Harju County Museum is located 10 km from our campground, in the small town of Keila. The museum collects, researches, and mediates the cultural heritage of Harju County - the second largest county in Estonia in size and the biggest in population. Its collections include historical, archaeological, archive, art, photo, geological and audio-video exhibits.


Niitvälja Golf was the first full-size golf course established in Estonia and therefore known as the home of Estonian golf. It has an 18-hole Park course with many natural features for advanced players and professionals as well as a 5-hole pay-and-play course for those just getting acquainted with this sport. You can also find Estonia’s most versatile practice opportunities there. 

The distance between Niitvälja Golf and Vanamõisa Caravan Park is merely 15 km.

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